Introduction to EMBA Center

1、Department Introduction

EMBA Academic Program Management Center of Hunan University is an general institute that ed by the Communist Party of the school to responsible for the cultivation of senior MBA members.

Currently, there are 15 staffs at EMBA Academic Program Management Center, which included 1 director, 1 executive director, and 13 others who responsible for academic training, recruiting and propaganda, administration, services and supports, and etc. The posts and job descriptions for the EMBA Academic Program Management Center staffs are cleared and direct, and full equipped, which allowed the students to experience the valued full dimensional first class services.

2、Department Duty

1). Responsible for the planning of the executive recruits plan for EMBA student, and accomplish annual recruiting target;

2). Responsible for organizing, arranging, servicing, supporting the daily academic activities, which included preparation before courses, course site management, and post-course follow up and etc;

3). Responsible for routine works, which included school opening ceremony, new student orientation, academic advisor selection, thesis selection and approval, interview, graduation and etc;

4). Responsible for routine code management, which included class student committee, alumni association, establishment and running of clubs;

5). Responsible for planning, organizing and coordinating all the academic activities (such as Mobile Course) and other professional activities;

6). Responsible for organizing and implementing the overseas academic trips and exchange programs;

7). Responsible for planning, organizing and implementing major activities (special lecture session, Corporate visit);

8). Responsible for internal and external propaganda promotion, to ensure the continuing improvement of EMBA brand.

3、Position Setup and Personnel Arrangement

Position Personnel Key Duties Telephone E-mail Office
Director LIU Zhao Fully Responsible for all Management Job of the Center 0731-88821533 B202
Executive Director LI Ping In-charge of EMBA Recruitment 0731-88823703 B204
Admission Office YANG Wei Responsible for external student recruitment, reception, visits and etc. Organize and prepare admission exam for all classes. Responsible for Open School Ceremony and etc. 0731-88822115
0731-88641390 B110
ZHANG Haiping
SHI Danbin
SU Yao
HE Shuichang
TAN Lian Responsible for Degree Management and Fiance Responsible for the network establishment of the Center, and the digital equipment. Assist classroom service work
0731-88823991 B205
GUO Pengyu
YAN Chun Responsible for classroom academic management and supports. 0731-88822597 B201
LIU Xiao
LONG Shengwen Responsible the propaganda promotion of the Center, student activities, and alumni association related works. 0731-88823991 B205
WEI YunJiang


In 2002, with the approval of the Academic Degree Commission of the State Council, Hunan University became one of the 30 universities in China to offer EMBA education. Ours was among the first group of Chinese universities and also the first University in Hunan province to offer this program.

The EMBA programme is designed to provide management personnel in enterprises with learning opportunities in the hope of extending their knowledge of enterprise management and helping them achieve higher objectives and values in career and life.

The length of schooling of the EMBA programme is 3 years. The EMBA students study on the campus of Hunan University for four days per month. The students need to take all the required courses and write a research report on enterprise strategy (thesis) based on the actual business enterprise situation. The students are awarded an EMBA degree by Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council after they have passed all their courses and successfully defended their research reports(thesis).


The mission of EMBA programme is:

To cultivate business leaders caring for the world and daring to be pioneers.

The Business School believes that EMBA students, as senior managerial leaders of the enterprises, bear a heavy social responsibility of economic development. Therefore, they should possess the basic quality of social responsibility and innovative ability. The EMBA programme of the Business School should endeavour to develop this kind of quality and ability for our EMBA students.

Meanwhile, by upholding the excellent cultural tradition of “social commitment, seeking truth from facts, open-mindedness, daring to be pioneers” and inheriting the humanism spirit of “being loyal, responsible, truth-seeking, and hard-working”, the Business School believes that the MBA/EMBA programmes must serve the economic construction in Central China, adapt to the rules of economic globalisation, and cultivate comprehensive managerial talents with profound cultural heritage and global strategic thinking.

EMBA Purpose

The EMBA programme of Hunan University is always dedicating itself to developing the students’ leadership in strategy-planning, and developing a sense of responsibility to the society. Innovation and entrepreneurial spirits are also developed in order to cultivate industry leaders with global strategic thinking and international competitiveness for China’s economic and social development.

EMBA Learning Outcomes

To equip the students with thorough and systematic modern management theories, scientific methods of analysis and decision-making, as well as advanced concepts and management experience. To broaden the students’ global vision, enhance their strategic thinking, decision-making and leadership capacities. Through the EMBA programme, the students will be able to consider social and technological advancements, implement correct development strategies and guide their enterprises to be better prepared for the fierce domestic and international competition.

Governance of the School

The Business School of Hunan University is a second-level institution which engages in teaching, scientific research and social services in the fields of management science and engineering as well as enterprise management under the administration of Hunan University. 

Governance Structure of the Business School of Hunan University

Quality Control at the School Level

At the Business School level, education quality management includes three aspects, establishment of quality standard, implementation and control of quality standards, and quality verification. The Academic Committee of Hunan University (including MBA Academic Committee, EMBA Academic Committee) is responsible for standards establishment and final quality verification. The Teaching Administration Departments (including Undergraduate Teaching Administration Centre and Postgraduate Teaching Administration Center, MBA Programme Centre, EMBA Programme Centre, and the MPAcc Programme Centre,) have a special post for cultivation management, who is in charge of checking quality standards and controlling the teaching quality. 

At the University level, for the purpose of quality management, the Office of Teaching Affairs sets up “Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Centre” to guide undergraduate teaching quality management. The Graduate School of Hunan University establishes the Training Office for standards establishment, examination, supervision and assessment, and the improvement of teaching quality of postgraduates for science degrees, MBA, EMBA and MPAcc education.

In addition to the quality guidance and supervision from Hunan University, the Business School has to accept external quality audits from Hunan Provincial Education Department and relevant departments from the Ministry of Education in China.

As for indirect quality management, the Assessment Committee of the Business School is in charge of the faculties’ recruitment and annual performance review to ensure the quality of the faculties. The Admissions Committee of the Business School examines and verifies admission qualifications of new students to monitor the students’ quality. The International Accreditation Centre of the Business School is responsible for understanding and introducing quality standards of national and international management education. It is also in charge of establishing cooperations with relevant organisations so as to promote the internationalisation of the education programmes in the Business School and constantly improve educational levels.

The Governance Structure of the Business School with Reference to the EMBA Programme

The Business School of Hunan University is the only EMBA teaching unit of Hunan University.

In the aspect of teaching, the EMBA Programme Centre is under the administration of the Graduate School of Hunan University, while in academic research, it is under the leadership of the Academic Committee of the Business School through the Academic Committee of EMBA Education. In faculty recruitment, it is under the leadership of the Recruitment Committee of the Business School through the EMBA Faculty Professional Title Appointment Group. In assessment of the faculty’s performance, it is under the administration of the Assessment Committee of the Business School. As for financing, it is under the leadership of the Finance Committee of the Business School, and in strategy development it is administered by the Leading Group of EMBA Education. 

Governance Structure of EMBA Programme

EMBA Programme Centre